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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In this Raksha Bandhan - to all my dearest sisters of this planet - remember, you all are one of the finest creations of God whom HE took a lot of time to create so your contribution to this world remains unspeakable and immense.

On this day I pray to Almighty to touch the lives of my sisters even before they are born. Let them be born healthy and let their parents love and cherish them as much as You do. YOU made all the delicate, inner parts of a women's body and knit them together in YOUR womb. Thank you for making women so wonderfully complex! YOUR workmanship is marvellous .

Dear God, may You fulfil many girls’ longing for wisdom and a better life. Bless them with a quality education, school supplies, and a family that supports their scholastic goals as till my final breath on this planet I SINCERELY BELIEVE THAT EVERY WOMAN IS MORE PROFITABLE THAN A SILVER AND THEIR PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE AND DETERMINATION YIELD BETTER RETURNS THAN GOLD.

I pray to God that the planet should get healed one day where my every sisters through out every corners of the PLANET can roam around freely with whatever they want, they must rise to the peak of their career like rising to the top of Mount Everest, they must conquer seas and oceans and must be capable of leading everyone a new world with a new vision of hope, joy, freedom, smile and brush off the manacles of struggles and injustice.

Dear God, I come to You humbled by the struggles many girls face every day. Restore them to trusting relationships and self-confidence. Let the gender biases and sexual exploitation get demolished and let the planet breathe a fresh AIR of LOVE, FREEDOM, AND SUCCESS.

Thank you WOMEN.

Thank you GOD.

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