• Ruchi Badoni

Online education during COVID-19

The tools and technologies like the internet are accessible in just one click on our smartphones nowadays. As the COVID-19 has hit many countries imposing nationwide lockdown, thus affecting various sectors such as education and corporate businesses.

The main factor which frames the life of a student is the school education and extracurricular activities. This pandemic has pushed the children of our generation to follow strict governmental guidelines. Establishing a routine, focusing the individual growth is very crucial, especially when the child is always indoors. The discipline now absolutely depends on the child as he is the one to focus on his studies, complete homework, learn & revise and submit it on time.

There are plenty of positive aspects of e-learning:

It is available 24*7 at fingertips.

It is time and pocket friendly.

You don't have to commute to school every day.

It easily fits into the routine, hence comfortable.

It offers personalization and various options to learn any concept.

Here is the second side of the coin:

It doesn't appeal to all learning styles.

E-learning is flexible and affordable for upper-middle-class families, but the underprivileged get deprived of this facility.

Lack of personal communication has affected the psychological & personal development of a child.

The examination also plays a vital role in testing students ability to understand any concept, but due to the lack of correct measures, they are more worried about their future.

The junior year students have been passed and promoted to next year based on their internals, but the problem exists with the final year students. There is criticism from all age groups that of increased workload and very little practical knowledge.

I will share some facts in the next blog. So stay tuned and support by sharing this blog.

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